Daffodil training 1The aim of this treatment is to significally reduce the movement of the muscles causing expression lines (dynamic lines).

A very fine needle and experienced injection technique ensures minimal discomfort for you. Popular areas for treatments are forehead, glabella (frown) and around the eyes (crows feet). We are also trained in advanced lower face toxin to include Gummy Smile, Smokers Lines, Chin and Neck. At your (no obligation) consultation, a personal treatment plan will be agreed with you.

On average, the effects of the treatment lasts for 3-6 months.

Afterwards, you will receive a review appointment in 2 weeks where your treatment plan can be reviewed and adjustments made as required (with any remaining product from the previous treatment session, at no extra cost).

Full after care instruction and follow up support are provided.

daffodil logo webDaffodil's Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
  • Initial enquiry
  • Face to face consultation - complete medical questionnaire, agree a treatment plan, order prescription (toxin). Agree treatment date.
  • Treatment in our clinic room (the treatment duration varies).
  • Review appointment 2 weeks later
daffodil logo webDaffodil's Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Benefits
  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Reduction of expression lines
  • Youthful, #springfreshface look



daffodil logo webDaffodil's Toxin Injection Session Cost
    • 1 area = From £110
    • 2 areas = From £130
    • 3 areas = From £165


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Examples of Daffodil's Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

awi frown lineAnti Wrinkle Frown Line Injections
awi forehead 1Anti Wrinkle Forehead Injections
awi crows feetAnti Wrinkle Crows Feet Injections