daffodil springfreshface 1Redermalisation is new era in the injectable aesthetic medicine and Daffodil Aesthetics are delighted to offer this treatment to our clients.

Joanne Bailey, Partner at Daffodil Aesthetics explains;

"If you want to refresh your skin, promote the regeneration of new cells and give them a charge of energy and moisture, this procedure is for you!

Redermalisation is mainly intended to;

  • improve skin quality,
  • regenerate individual signs of aging,
  • anti-inflammatory effects on the skin or remove excess pigmentation,

For that #springfreshface look, redermalisation could be the solution you have been looking for!

We recommend a course of four treatments to improve skin colour and elasticity, even out texture, lessens wrinkles and provide significant anti-ageing and lifting effects. Please contact us for a further information or to arrange a visit to our clinic to discuss this treatment further.